[2023] Papi Meaning In English

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Papi Meaning In English: Today in this article we are going to explain the meaning of the word “Papi” in English language with examples. Antonyms and synonyms are also given.

So let’s see Papi Meaning In English i.e. what is the Meaning of Papi Meaning In English.

Papi Meaning In English – (Spanish to English)

Papi Meaning in English
Papi Meaning in English

“Papi” is a Spanish term of endearment that is often translated to “daddy” or “papa” in English.

It is typically used to refer to a father or an older man in a familiar or affectionate way, but it can also be used as a flirtatious or romantic term for a man.

In some contexts, “papi” may also be used as a slang term to refer to a boss or a leader.

Papi Meaning In English – (Hindi to English)

Hindi English
गुनहगार, मुजरिम,
अपराधी, बुरे चरित्र वाला
अत्याचारी, निर्दयी, कठोरtyrannical, merciless,
Papi Meaning In English

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Examples of Papi Meaning in English and Spanish

Here is the same information in a table format:

English SentenceSpanish Sentence
Hey Papi, can you help me with this heavy box?Oye papi, ¿me puedes ayudar con esta caja pesada?
My Papi always knows how to make me feel better.Mi papi siempre sabe cómo hacer que me sienta mejor.
She loves calling her boyfriend ‘Papi’ in bed.A ella le encanta llamar a su novio ‘papi’ en la cama.
Papi, can we go to the park and play catch?Papi, ¿podemos ir al parque a jugar a atrapar?
The new Papi of the company is making big changes.El nuevo papi de la empresa está haciendo grandes cambios.

Examples of Papi Meaning in Spanish and English

Here are five more examples of how the term “papi” can be used in English and Spanish:

English SentenceSpanish Sentence
My Papi makes the best pancakes on Sunday mornings.Mi papi hace los mejores pancakes los domingos por la mañana.
Papi, can you please take me to my friend’s house?Papi, ¿me puedes llevar a la casa de mi amigo por favor?
She always gets what she wants when she calls him “Papi”.Siempre consigue lo que quiere cuando lo llama “papi”.
Papi, you’re the best!¡Papi, eres el mejor!
He loves it when she calls him “Papi chulo”.Le encanta cuando ella lo llama “papi chulo”.


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What is Papi in Meaning English (Spanish)?

Ans: “Papi” is a Spanish term of endearment that is often translated to “daddy” or “papa” in English.

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