Clairaudience Meaning In Hindi

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Clairaudience Meaning In Hindi: Friends, in today’s article we are going to explain the meaning of the word “Clairaudience” in Hindi language with examples.

Antonyms and synonyms of the word Kinds are also given in this article. Let’s go Clairaudience Meaning In Hindi | What is the meaning of Clairaudience in Hindi?

Clairaudience Meaning In Hindi

Clairaudience Meaning and its Hindi translation is “श्रवणी अनुभूति” (Shravani Anubhuti).

Clairaudienceश्रवणी अनुभूति
Clairaudience Meaning In Hindi

The term “clairaudience” refers to the psychic ability to perceive or hear sounds or voices from the spiritual or non-physical realm.

It is derived from the French word “clair,” meaning clear, and the Latin word “audire,” meaning to hear.

Clairaudience Meaning In Hindi:

In Hindi, the equivalent term for clairaudience is “श्रवणी अनुभूति” (Shravani Anubhuti), which can be translated as “perception through hearing” or “hearing experience.”

Clairaudience Meaning In Hindi

Clairaudience Meaning in Hindi
Clairaudience Meaning in Hindi

हिंदी में, Clairaudience के लिए समतुल्य शब्द “श्रावणी अनुभूति” (श्रावणी अनुभूति) है, जिसका अनुवाद “सुनने के माध्यम से धारणा” या “सुनने का अनुभव” के रूप में किया जा सकता है।

Synonyms of Clairaudience:

Synonyms of clairaudience (the psychic ability to perceive or hear sounds or voices from the spiritual or non-physical realm) can include:

  1. Psychic hearing
  2. Extrasensory auditory perception
  3. Spirit communication through hearing
  4. Spiritual hearing
  5. Inner hearing
  6. Divine auditory perception

These terms convey similar meanings and are often used interchangeably with “clairaudience” to describe the ability to receive auditory messages from the spiritual realm.

Antonyms of Clairaudience:

The term “clairaudience” refers to the psychic ability to perceive or hear sounds or voices from the spiritual or non-physical realm. As an abstract concept, it doesn’t have direct antonyms.

However, if we consider the opposite of clairaudience as the absence of the ability to perceive such sounds or voices, we could use the terms “deafness” or “inability to hear spirit voices” as antonyms in a broader sense.

It’s important to note that these antonyms refer to the lack of the specific ability rather than opposing concepts.

Example of Clairaudience:

English ExampleHindi Translation
During a meditation session, Sarah heard a voice whispering guidance in her ear.ध्यान सत्र के दौरान, सारा ने अपने कानों में एक आवाज़ सुनी जो उसे मार्गदर्शन दे रही थी।
Mark woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of his deceased grandmother’s voice calling his name.मार्क रात के बीच में उठकर अपनी मृत दादी की आवाज़ सुनकर अपने नाम को बुलाते हुए पाया।


Q: What is clairaudience?

A: Clairaudience is a psychic ability that allows individuals to perceive or hear sounds, voices, or messages from the spiritual or non-physical realm. It is often associated with intuitive or psychic experiences.

Q: How does clairaudience work?

A: Clairaudience is believed to involve receiving messages or information through the inner ear or the mind’s auditory perception. It can manifest as hearing actual sounds, voices, or thoughts that are not audible to others.

Q: Can anyone develop clairaudience?

A: Yes, clairaudience is considered a psychic ability that can be developed and enhanced with practice and training. Some individuals may naturally possess a stronger inclination towards clairaudience, while others may need to cultivate and refine their skills.

Q: Is clairaudience always accurate?

A: The accuracy of clairaudient messages can vary among individuals. It’s important to approach clairaudience with discernment, as interpretation and understanding of the received information can be subjective. Developing trust in one’s intuition and practicing discernment can help improve the accuracy of clairaudient experiences.


Clairaudience Meaning In Hindi is understood in our article today and I am sure you have understood it, so let’s meet in a new article.

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